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Kabinda (Kinda, Luba °1927 - ?) moved to Elisabethville of Belgian Congo in 1952, now the second city of Congo: Lubumbashi. He soon joined ' l'Atelier d'Art Indigène d'Elisabethville' or 'Le Hangar which was founded by Pierre Romain-Desfossés in 1946. There he met Bela Sara, Mwenze Kibwanga and Pilipili Mulongoy, by whom he got inpiration. The Congolese school focused on the African authenticity eliminating any foreign influence. The beautiful nature, hunting scenes, dances, ... were often the subject in their oeuvre. With the groundbreaking 2015 exhibit Congo Beauté at the Fondation Cartier in Paris and the 2018 Expo Congo in our gallery, Le Hangar finally got the attention it deserves.



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