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Kurt Lewy


Kurt Lewy (Essen °1898 - Freiburg °1963) was a German artist who worked with various materials and techniques, from watercolor and oil paint to enamel, stained glass and embroidery. Educated at the Folkwangschule in Essen (1919-22), Lewy studied enameling in Pforzheim before returning to Essen in 1929, this time as a teacher. The Jewish artist fled from Nazi Germany in 1933 and found refuge in Belgium. During the Second World War, Lewy spent long years in detainment camps and nearly suffered deportation. After the war, Lewy stayed in Brussels and acquired the Belgian nationality. In 1959, he returned once more to Essen to make enamels and stained glass windows for city's synagogue. Works by Lewy have been acquired by many international collections.

Kurt Lewy


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