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Walter Leblanc


Walter Leblanc (Antwerp °1932 - Silly °1986) was a Belgian artist who received education at the 'Royal Academy of Fine Arts' in Antwerp. Leblanc is mostly known for the torsions and strings in his work. Just like the work above, he often gives his work a monochrome tone, usually black or white. Nevertheless he manages to create light in the painting without using any pigment. The threads put some kind of shadow in the painting and are provoking illusory vibrations. Leblanc was a founding member of group G58 and soon gained international recognition within the avant-garde movement 'ZERO' and 'Nouvelle Tendance'. He participated in ground-breaking exhibitions like 'The Responsive Eye' (1965, MoMA, New York) and took parth in the 35th Venice Biennale. 

“an artist who deserves a place in the international pantheon of art" - Jan Hoet about Walter Leblanc

Walter Leblanc


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