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Expo Laurenz Coninx 2023 is an exhibition organised by Galerie Raf Van Severen in October 2023. New works will be presented in the gallery.

Expo Laurenz Coninx

October 2023

In October 2023, we present a new edition of Expo Laurenz Coninx. After the previous edition in 2022, we are excited to present new works by Laurenz.

The paintings of Laurenz Coninx are the medium to capture daily moments forever as they're all based on pictures, made by himself. His work has evolved quite a bit from the black & white portraits. Nowadays he works mainly with oil paint on linnen canvas. The use of colors with light and darker shades leads to a unique style definitely worth a look. New works were presented at the expo.

Godefriduskaai 52

2000 Antwerp

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