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Exhibition of Virtual Vitrine artist Semia Pehlivan in 2021 in Galerie Raf Van Severen

Expo Semia Pehlivan

2 - 4 Jul 2021

Semia Pehlivan is a visual artist from Brussels. Graduated as an art teacher she decided to start painting & illustrating in a self-taught way.

The main subject of Semia’s work is daily life. She draws from observation and captures people in their most natural state. Semia mainly uses charcoal, which has the constraint of leaving no room for error. To allow yourself this right is to trust yourself.

Semia likes to be surprised. She never knows in advance what her drawings will look like. She lets her eyes write what they perceive. Drawing is a way for Semia to refocus on the world. Everything seems purer to her when she draws.

Godefriduskaai 52

2000 Antwerp

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